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Great Bay Distributors

1.5 MW Commercial Solar Photo-Voltaic System


  • 4590 Suniva OPT-330 Watt modules
  • 51 SMA Tripower 24,000 Watt inverters
  • SMA Cluster Controller for monitoring

SEM Power, LLC partnered with Solar Energy Management to design and install a photo-voltaic array that would help Great Bay Distributor's significantly reduce energy consumption and mitigate rising energy costs over the long-term. The system is installed on the roof of Great Bay's 180,000+ Sq. Ft. controlled environment warehouse building. The panel and rack system is attached to the roof structure with minimal roof penetrations per each rack of panels.

Their dedication to providing quality beer, wine and non-alcoholic products with outstanding customer service has allowed Great Bay Distributors to become an industry leader in beverage distribution. Great Bay has nearly 330 employees working together to service its retail partners with responsibilities that include sales, warehousing, marketing, administrative and more.


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